The Sonex is one of the new generation of sportaircraft.

There are over 1,000 Sonex's flying which is a testament to their safety record.  Featuring an all metal construction, side by side seating and a 80 hp Aerovee or Jabiru engine, the Sonex is the ultimate in performance, ruggedness and reliability.

Zodiac 600

Zodiac 600, also popularly known as Zenair 601 is a all metal low ing aircraft which has very decent tail wheel characteristic and inspite of being a taildragger it still has great forward visibility. This makes it a ideal tail wheel trainer or practice aircraft


A more traditional looking Ultralight, the 50 hp Challenger is nimble to fly and with its "pusher" configuration and tandem seating, provides breathtaking scenery.

What you fly

Toronto Aerosport has three types of aircraft for training.