Aircraft Ownership

There is nothing better than flying your own aircraft

Whether you want to go it alone, team up with some friends to create a partnership of owners in an aircraft or be part of our flying club (*coming soon), Toronto Aerosport can help you get there.

Your Own Aircraft

Aircraft ownership is a good investment if you intend to fly often. Unlike other recreational vehicles  (and vessels), an aircraft properly purchased and reasonably maintained will hold its value and in some cases, over time might even appreciate. But regardless of the aircraft’s financial appreciation, there is no better way to appreciate flying than going when and where you want in your own airplane. There are two ways to go about acquiring your own aircraft.

Purchase New

There are many, many ultralight aircraft available on the market with a wide variety of price ranges, configurations and uses. In either assemble yourself kit form or ready to fly, a new aircraft is always a safe investment. Toronto Aerosport can help you decide which aircraft is right for your needs, budget and expected use and if building is not your ilk, then we can help you with the build or build it for you.

Purchase Used

Good used aircraft are available on the market, however, you will likely need to search outside the local area to find something suitable. Toronto aerosport can help with both your search and subsequent inspection to help ensure that you will hapy with what you decide to purchase.

Shared Ownership

A popular option for purchasing an aircraft is to do it with a group. This is ideal if you want to share costs. Successful shared ownership generally involves two to four partners which ensures that for the average recreational pilot the aircraft will be reasonably available. Toronto Aerosport can help with the aircraft selection and acquisition and also set up the use schedule and attend to the regular maintenance of your new ‘toy’.

Toronto Aerosport Flying Club

Toronto aerosport is planning on creating a flying club in which the club will own and operate their own aircraft. It is expected that a variety of aircraft will be available in the club to provide a range of flying experiences. Nose wheel, tail wheel, cross country cruising, float flying, skiis and open air flying will eventually all be added to the club roster of aircraft. More to come.

Staying With Us at Baldwin

And when you do own that plane, why not join our group of aircraft owner/enthusiasts and make Baldwin your home base. There is plenty of tie- down space and you cant beat the comradarie of Baldwin as a home base