Introductory Flight

Satisfy your curiosity and dreams with an Introductory Flight

Your introductory flight will commence with a ground briefing in which you will receive some basic instruction on how the aircraft flies. Once in the air, you will learn the basic aerial maneuvers and then take control under the close supervision of your instructor.  During the 30 min. flight, you will be able to fly the aircraft and get a real feel for flying.  Once back on the ground a post flight briefing will review what you have learned and of course take a moment for a picture of you and your airplane.

If  you have always dreamed of flying, but didn't know how to start, this is the first step. 

The introductory flight is $100.

*This flight time is true instruction time and may be entered in your pilot's log book to count against your flight training.

An introductory flight makes a unique gift. Gift Certificatesare available.